What is BCANA?
BCANA stands for “Burmese Christian Association of North America” which comprises of twelve member churches across United States of America and Canada. It is an interdenominational and nonprofit religious organization with the purpose of building the Kingdom of God in North America and beyond. Here are current member churches of the association:

  1. First Burmese Baptist Church of San Francisco
  2. Burmese Christian Community Church of Silicon Valley
  3. Oakland Burmese Mission Baptist Church
  4. Adoniram Judson Memorial Baptist Church of LA
  5. Burmese Christian Fellowship Church of LA
  6. Kachin Baptist Church of Los Angeles
  7. Myanmar Baptist Church of New York
  8. Calvary Baptist Church , Washington DC
  9. Oversea Burmese Christian Fellowship of Massachusetts
  10. Oregon Myanmar Christian Church
  11. Vancouver Myanmar Baptist Fellowship
  12. Myanmar Christian Church of Metro Chicago
  13. City bible Church Burmese Fellowship
  14. First Burma Christ Church (St. Paul)
  15. Greater Houston Burmese Christian Fellowship
  16. First Baptist Church (Battle Creek)

BCANA Council Members – 2009-2010
The association was born on July 30th 1998 at beautiful Honolulu of Hawaii during “Asian American Baptist Pastors, seminarians, and lay leaders’ conference, sponsored by Asian Ministry of American Baptist Churches of USA. One of a Conference break times, Rev. Latt Yishey organized an informal meeting with Burmese pastors, and some lay leaders to envision together to form a Burmese Christian organization. Lawrence Chow was not there but he kindly prepared a draft by-Laws of organization. After prayerfully and carefully discussion, everyone unanimously agreed to form an organization named “Burmese Christian Fellowship of North America”. We met at Perry’s Smorgy Restaurant, Honolulu and it became the birth place of BCANA. Rev. Maran Yaw made a dedication prayer for our new born organization.

The participants at the first meeting were Rev. Latt Yishey, Allan Hla-Oung, and Su Hock Wu from First Burmese Baptist Church of San Francisco, (Rev. Wai Lin Naing) and Stacy Chou from Myanmar Baptist Church of New York, Rev. Dr. Yawba Lasaw from Kachin Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Rev. Maran Yaw from Calvary Baptist Church, and Rev. Zaw Wynn Tan from Oversea Burmese Christian Fellowship of Boston. Allan Hla-Oung was elected as Convener of the organization.

The name has changed to “Burmese Christian Association of North America” (BCANA) when national leaders of Burmese churches (two delegates from each church) met at First Burmese Baptist Church of San Francisco on February 2000. Since then, God has blessed the organization with many blessings including “Youth & Young Adult Conference,” “Ministers’ retreat,” “new member churches,” and many opportunities to expend His ministry across North America. Detail story of BCANA’s activities will be presented at Biennial gathering this June.

New Member Churches are welcomed
Since Burmese churches have been rapidly growing across North America, we would like to welcome your church to join together with us to do the great commission of Jesus Christ locally and globally. Contact our secretary William for new membership information.


2015-2017 officers:

  • President: Saya Than Oo
  • Vice-President: Saya Biak Hlei Mang
  • General Secretary: Saya Maung Maung Htwe
  • Associate General Secretary: Saya Thong Kho Lun
  • Treasurer: Lawrence Chow
  • Joint Treasurer: Wai Austin
  • Minister (East): Saya Myo Maw
  • Minister (West): Saya Latt Yishey
  • Immediate Past President: Saya Zauya Lahpai
  • At-large member: Saya Henry Chan
  • At-large member: Saya Lone Wah Lazum
  • At-large member: Saya Naw San Labang
  • At-large member: Saya Mya Thi
2010-2012 Officers:
  • President: Rev. Lahpai Zau Ya
  • Vice-President: Rev. Livingstone Zan
  • Secreatry: Lawrence Chow
  • Joint Secretary: Rev. Dr. Maung Maung Htwe
  • Treasurer: Sandar Shwe
  • Executive Director: Rev. Samuel Saw
  • Associate Director: William Min Sein
  • Member At Large: Rev. Dr. Yishey Latt
  • Member At Large: Rev. U Myo Maw
  • Member At Large: Rev. Saw Ler Htoo
  • Member At Large: Rev. Biak Hlei Mang
  • Member At Large: Rev. Henry Chan

2007-2009 (Elected at Chicago meeting)

  • President – Rev. Dr. Latt Yishey
  • Vice President – Rev. Saw Ler Htoo
  • Secretary – William Min-Sein
  • Joint Secretary – Rev. Livingstone Zan
  • Treasurer – Emerald Wong
  • At-Large Member – Rev. U Myo Maw
  • At-Large Member – Rev. Biak Hlei Mang
  • At-Large Member – Lawrence Chow

2005-2006 (Elected at Portland meeting)

  • President – Samuel Saw
  • Vice President – Rev. Saw Ler Htoo
  • Secretary – Lawrence Chow
  • Joint Secretary – William Min-Sein
  • Treasurer – Christine Ang

2003-2004 (Elected at Boston meeting)

  • President – Rev. Samuel Saw
  • Vice President – Rev. Zaw Wynn Tan
  • Secretary – Lawrence Chow
  • Joint Secretary – Bryan Tiu
  • Treasurer – Rosie Chou

2000-2002 (Elected at San Francisco meeting)

  • President – Allan Hla-Oung
  • Vice President – Rev. Samuel Saw
  • Secretary – Rosie Chou
  • Joint Secretary – Bryan Tiu
  • Treasurer – Stephen Chu

-2000 (Elected at Hawaii meeting)

  • Allan Hla Oung – Convener

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  1. Dear respected Sir
    Greetings in Jesus name! I am Rev.Thang Khan Kham the Secretary of Zomi Lutheran Church of Myanmar at Kalaymyo,sagaing region,Myanmar. I came to konw that the bcana celebration and anniversary will take place in the USA on July.
    May I know the way and right person to contact appealing an invitation for me to attend your wonderful auspicious occasion of your church.I don’t want to miss such an opportunity to participate.
    I am waiting for your advise and suggest.
    Thank you
    Pastor Kham

  2. HI
    I’m pastor John cho ( korean), 56 yrs, single from SBC.
    Now I’m living in honolulu, HI
    Couple of Christians have a prayer meeting to go to short term mission to burma.
    How can we communicate w/ you guys
    If possible contact me at
    Johncho2000@Hotmail. Com
    Thank you
    God Bless

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